Who We Are: Clinicians Supporting Clinicians

Our Mission

 To develop and support leaders in Behavioral Health who are dedicated to improving quality of care, reducing burnout, and training the workforce in evidence based processes.  

Our Practice

Using virtual platforms like Zoom to bring connection, coaching, consulting and training to the behavioral health workforce in the 2020's and beyond. We focus on disseminating the evidence based processes of effective cognitive behavioral therapies to interested parties. 

Our Focus

Creating connection and support in the time of social distancing. Physical distancing for our physical health does not have to mean social and professional disconnection. Reducing burnout and preparing the behavioral health workforce to deliver effective care that can be sustained over time.

Our Origin Story

In North Carolina, a group of clinicians from various parts of the state began to gather on a regular basis to promote professional growth, particularly the implementation of evidence based therapy processes. The network grew. In reaction to COVID-19, therapyskills.org was launched in March 2020 to serve as a central point of contact, communication and collaboration for this community. If you are interested in growing your ability to practice effective process based therapies in the CBT tradition, consider joining us. 

The Skills

Mindfulness and Acceptance Skills

See things with greater clarity. Develop a healthier relationship with the chatter of the mind. Train your attention and awareness. Sharpening your mindfulness skills serves as an effective catalyst to apply all other skills.


Change Skills

To be announced at a later date. 

Relationship Skills

To be announced at a later date.    

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Helping the helpers

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